You will send your investment coin upon your choice-selection and in accordance with a multiple choice of currencies as provided in checkout page by coin payments, a global leader and most secured financial services provider, your investment will be held in special dedicated Ethereum trust account, upon receiving your investment, the value of your investment will be marked by highest trading price as quoted on Coin base and Binance, the two major currencies exchanges, in order to protect your investment from any market fluctuation ,we will mark-up/add 7% to your investment value, 24 hours after confirmation your investment, the LSC coins due to your will be sent out to your Ethereum wallet address as was indicated by you because LSC coin was created on Ethereum platform , your wallet should be one which can accept and store Ethereum based currencies .Accepted list of currencies as provided by coin payment on the checkout page .


1. 1.2% monthly distribution for six month payable in BTC or ETH, 

2. If LSC average price would be below the initial offering price for this period, the LSC coin holder can return the initial investment coins to the issuer and be immediately fully refunded .

3. LSC coins can be converted at any time to a coupon value 300% more of the value of the coin, and use it to purchase Amazon products via the issuer Amazon affiliate www.shoppersclub.vip , in addition, LSC holders can convert their LSC holding to a coupon value 300% over the value of lsc, in order to book international flights, or, hotels room, using the issuer international travel affiliate www.travelersclub.vip ,

4. LSC coin holders will be entitled to receive 70% of any profit distribution as defined,

Pre Offering And Offering Price

LSC pre offering ico price set at $ 0.01 per one LSC coin , the period of the pre offering will last 14 days only , Due to a very limited coins supply , the total LSC coins to be offered at this stage fixed at 800,000 , The LSC public offering price set at $ 0.016  per one LSC coin , which represent 60% premium over the pre ico offering price, The period of the public offering will be short and will last for 17 days only, At the end of the public offering, an application will be filed to list and trade LSC on major currency exchanges .

Transparency And Profit Sharing

Every six months, an independent trustee will verify and value the net asset allocated to each LSC coin, the valuation will be solely based on the net asset of the LSC coin at the time the valuation has been conducted. Any amount of asset exceeding the initial LSC issue price will be distributed as the following : 70% to LSC coin holders , 15% to buy back LSC coins in the open market and burn them, by that , the amount of LSC coins will be further DECREASED, 15% to Caridad Latinos Foundation .The distribution will be made in BTC coin directly to LSC coin holders,





LSC coin holders will share 70% of the increase in the value-net asset of the coin. The profit sharing distribution will be made every six months and will be monitored and supervised by independent qualified trustee The profit sharing distribution will be made in a form of bitcoin ( BTC ) coins


LSC coins supply was fixed at the rate of 20 million coins ( similar to bitcoin supply) and can not be increased under any circumstances , make it clear, no additional LSC new coins can be created indefinitely The LSC coins buy back programme, will decrease the amount of LSC coins at the market place, and as the rule of tumbe , when demand for coins exceed supply, the price of the coin has the potential to increase substantially for a long period


LSCIX Stabilization Index was created in order to prevent and avoid any temporary market fluctuation and instability , The index consist the top 10 most valuable coins-currencies available at the current time. , LSC coin market price will be pegged and linked from first day of issuance to the LSCIX Index, in the event that LSC market price will be traded below the intrinsic market value of the LSCIX Index for period of 60 days or more, free distribution from reserve will be made to LSC coin holders in order to compensate coin holders for loss of market value, Management is in the opinion that the creation of LSCIX INDEX , is the right and proper solution to protect LSC coin holders from any turmoil and uncertainty in LSC market price.


LSC pre-sale Ico offering price set at 0.10 per single coin, the pre-sale offering will be short and will last only 14 days , Due to a very LSC coins short supply, only 800.000 coins will be offered at this stage, , LSC public Ico offering price set at $ 0.16 per single coin , which represents 60% premium over the pre-sale Ico price, The Ico public offering will last 17 days only , and very limited LSC coins will be offered at this stage, The minimum investment per single subscription order set at $ 80 per single order LSC coins which have been subscribed and bought, will be delivered directly by the trustee , to the investor's Ethereum wallet address as was indicated 24 hours from the time investment was made and verified. In case you have not received the LSC coins to your Ethereum wallet address, please contact us immediately via the GET IN TOUCH message box on the official LSC website you must deliver your investment coins as indicated on the 14 coins accepted list to the following Ethereum wallet trust address : 0x1Df68E1127055a7F4F5cEE501b49C3f90533058C

You're Investing In The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Latino Stable Coin is secured and linked to the LSCIndex. The LSCIndex consists of the top ten most valuable capitalized digital currencies available in the market. These top cryptocurrencies will have a 10% equal share in the LSCIndex.

Compensation For Lost Market Value

If LSC trades below the intrinsic market value price of the LSCIndex for a term of 60 days or more, free distribution will be made to LSC token holders to compensate for lost market value.

You Earn Bitcoin

When you invest in LSC, you're entitled to a distribution of 70% of increased coin value on a semi-annual basis. The terrific thing about it is that the distribution will be made in Bitcoin to coin holders.

You Can Buy and Sell LSC At The Best Available Price

When you buy or sell LSC, you can be sure you're doing it at the best available price as Latino Stable Coin has market price protection and upside potential in the future coin price.